When a group of at least 4 males masturbate to ejaculation into a wine glass, and then pour it onto an unsuspecting sleeping, or passed out (drunk) females face at a party. Usually a passive aggressive way to settle a score.
Joe: Man, that cunt Abby just slapped you in the face dude..

Chris: I know man......You thinking what I'm thinkng?

Both: Cocktail Party!!!
by C0kt@l3 w8tr December 16, 2012
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Party in which all participating males of a circle jerk ejaculate into a cocktail glass. The loser, or the man to ejaculate last, must take the scrumptious drink, and give it to his girlfriend. Should the loser not have one, he must proceed to drink it himself.

Either way, you are going home alone that night.
Friend 1: We had a nice, friendly little Cocktail Party.

Friend 2: And?

Friend 1: I ended up swallowing 13 different men's semen at once.
by The Loser February 13, 2012
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When the cock of one person and the tail of another have a party. A.k.a. anal sex.
"Private Long, if you don't shut what I call the fuck up, we're going to have a cocktail party tonight!"--Drill Sergeant
by Private Long September 21, 2006
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Where sophisticated grown ups go to lie to each other; dry hump in closets.
"Life is just one big stinking cocktail party isn't it doc?"
"Get out of my car."
by Anymajor-dude November 15, 2014
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a party where attendees do not wear undergarments, and the female attendees wear skirts.
"Bro, you freeballin to the Commando Cocktail Party at Michael's house this friday night?"

"Of course, ya big dummy. Ain't no one wearing drawls - and the lizzies are wearing skirts. It's gonna be like a clam dig in Nantucket!"

"Spectabulous, germanicus!"
by Jo Jo Jikaphrio October 24, 2007
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When using the cocktail party effect, one is able to hear their own fart in a loud environment such as a party or concert.
I enjoyed the loudest cocktail party fart in the middle of the guitar solo, and no one heard a sound.
by Garpike August 20, 2011
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The elite fat cats and cronies in the Republican Party who smoke cigars in wood-paneled rooms and spend all their time doing whatever it takes to maintain their own personal power. These are the guys in blue blazers and khaki pants who eat cucumber and mayonnaise sandwiches at cocktail parties and sell-out the people who vote for them because once they get to Washington they become obsessed with staying in the media's good graces instead of doing what voters wanted them to do. They are the American aristocracy and the Republican elitist stereotype.
The Cocktail Party GOP Establishment hates the Tea Party with a passion because anything that upsets the status quo and jeopardizes the Cocktail Party's permanent hold on power gives all these guys serious indigestion.
by BeltwayBabe September 9, 2011
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