When a wife humiliates her husband under her control, usually making the husband wear a chastity belt while she has sex with another man.
"Miranda takes a big black cock while her husband Jim is forced to watch. Miranda says humiliating things to Jim while taking black cock, now Jim regrets the Cockhold"
by IFGODWASONEOFUS January 28, 2015
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It is derived from a chokehold, but instead of holding firmly the neck, you squeeze firmly the head of a dick.
If you don't watch it I will put you in a cockhold!
by MBSA November 16, 2017
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A girl (or guy) who's always got one hand holding a dude's cock and the other digging in his pockets. They are completely unable to sustain themselves on their own and are closer to being parasites than human beings.
Person 1: Whatever happened to that hot chick from high school?
Person 2: She realized that she couldn't do anything else useful for society so she just became a cockholder. I see her at the bar with a different dude every night, and he's always buying....
by Tara Cockholder July 18, 2010
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When A Female has a male in control, usually by using sex as a muse.
Tara has her man in a cockhold, he will never go near any other woman.
by Crazzydrummer February 9, 2012
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When you wrap both hands around somebody's dick and hold as hard as you can until is it pops.
Edon: Me and Moe pulled a The Spanish Cockhold in the church bathroom.

Joseph: Did you make sure to lick up all the sauce?

Edon: Yes
by NuttButt_real June 12, 2021
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