The male version of vabbing. When a guy wants to attract partners but wants to go au naturel or has no money, they will take a bit of their pre-cum and use it like a cologne. This uses their natural pheromones to attract a sexual partner.
Heading to the bar tonight to hook up, but I'm broke so I just did a little cobbing before going.
by gekkman May 15, 2023
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Using Corn on the cob as sexual toy on girl, then after her climax, he eats it.
that girl is down for some good Cobbing!
by Cobber for life March 18, 2011
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To project one's own personality or way of thinking onto someone else.
"If they were hungry they would do this." "No if you were hungry then you would do that. You're cobbing."
"Nobody pours milk before cereal" "No you don't pour milk before cereal. You're cobbing."
by Quip Logic February 2, 2015
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The act of taking goods left at Good Will donation trucks after hours. Often you would stop by multiple different sites and sort through and drop off the items from the previous sight that were determined to be unwantes good. Marie Parmley, of Washington state practically invented it in the early 80s with the help of 2 young children.
Hey Tom, wanna go cobbing tonight? I drove behind safeway and saw some nice stuff there we could get for your new place.
by nastyaxe18 May 12, 2016
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A sex move consisting of 3 people. 2 men and a women. The women is the corn and the men are the corn skewers. The women, must be planking on an object, when one man comes from behind, and the other man will go to the mouth. After they are done, both men will finish off the corn by going straight down the middle and "eating it"
"Me and Daniel went Cobbing with Ashley yesterday"
by CutieCreeD January 24, 2012
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When yo girl goes at your dick like it's corn on the cob
1: You get head last night?
2: Nah, my girl is in to cobbing. I thought she was going to put butter and salt on it.
by Letmegetsomeofthatchicken September 6, 2015
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