3 definitions by gekkman

The male version of vabbing. When a guy wants to attract partners but wants to go au naturel or has no money, they will take a bit of their pre-cum and use it like a cologne. This uses their natural pheromones to attract a sexual partner.
Heading to the bar tonight to hook up, but I'm broke so I just did a little cobbing before going.
by gekkman May 15, 2023
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(verb) The act of swallowing an item without any lubrication to assist in the process. Applies specifically to swallowing medication without the use of a beverage to wash it down.
Megan grabs some pain meds.
Chrystal: Hey, you want some water for that?
Megan: Nah, I'm just gonna raw dog this thing.
by gekkman May 15, 2023
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A red pulsating penis head accomplished by squeezing the penis until the head becomes red and swollen to resemble a beating heart
My girlfriend enjoys giving me a meat heart for Valentine's Day.
by gekkman April 18, 2023
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