1) In a natural state, pristine, unadulterated.
2) Not wearing clothes, nude.
3) Not wearing makeup, fresh-faced.
Literally, French: "in the natural state."
by LudwigVan April 11, 2005
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(1) natural look or state. typically used for women that aren't wearing makeup or haven't had any cosmetic surgery.

(2) also used for European or hippie women that don't shave their arm pits or their legs.
(1) She looked even more beautiful au naturel.

(2) That French chick has hairy legs, she's going au naturel.

by oh81 April 30, 2008
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au naturel means naked
Nearly all the cadets in my pod walk around au naturel , sometimes with boners!
by USAF Cadet September 24, 2021
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