When a woman (or man) moves both of her(his) lips back and forth along the length of the shaft of a man's penis, simulating the eating of corn on the cob.
She teased me with some Corn on the Cob before she actually sucked my cock
by bjmike January 16, 2010
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The day after the woman eats corn, you perform anal on her. As you pull out there will be corn pieces stuck to your shaft. Tell her to eat her corn on the cob.
Dude, I forgot we had corn for dinner last night until I pulled out. That bitch loves corn on the cob.
by angel wingman July 5, 2010
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When a female is on all fours performing oral sex on a male of large stature and the male bends over, utilizing his lankiness, and reaches down her back to finger the females butthole. The combined efforts of the penis in the mouth and finger in the butt closely resemble the old American past time of corn on the cob, as enjoyed with corn holders. The sexual position was followed closely by the revolutionary utensils which are small prongs placed in the ends of the corn to prevent dirtying of the fingers.

Note: This is not to be confused with "chicken on a spit".
- Sometime in the 1880's, in a barn in rural Pennsylvania, a farmer and his fat wife are getting frisky....

Jebidiah: "Yeaa you like when I finger your butthole while you perform oral sex upon me?"

Gertrude: "Oh indeed, it is a pleasure unlike any other.."

Jebidiah- deep in thought..

"I've got it! If we can mutually please eachother without me having to touch all of your hideous, slimy body why can't we do the same with... Corn on the Cob!

And thus corn was never eaten the same way again...
by Boners mcgee September 26, 2010
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To cut someone's botton penis off with braces giving them a huge circumscion.
Billy screamed in pain when Jill corn on the cobbed him.
by Helloiseeu October 19, 2007
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Corn on the cob, also known as "the Gerald Matthews": When you're exploring a woman's breasts with your mouth, and your first instinct is to bite down as hard as you can rather than gently caressing their nipple's with your tongue.
Bob: You totally hurt Sally last night
Jim: What, how?
Bob: She was crying earlier and said you pulled a corn on the cob on her, I could see the blood dripping through her shirt!
by Qport October 4, 2015
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To fuck a woman from behind.
Then take a sharp implement in each hand and jab her in the hips, thus "corn on the cobbing" her.
"why do you have forks by your bed?"

"gonna have corn on the cob later"
by smelly sock September 17, 2008
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the act of fucking someone in the ass so hard that while you are having sex a piece of undigested corn gets lodged in the dick hole.
The other day I was fucking courtney in the ass so hard I got corn in the cob and had to have it removed at the hospital.
by robert woodbury October 23, 2008
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