A person who acts all tough but when it comes down to it... They are a bitch. Undercover wienie
That guy is a corndog-
by Nouse fornname April 17, 2017
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To screw somebody out of what they are owed using PayPal.
Be careful selling using Pay Pal to transfer the funds, there is a possibility of getting corndogged buy the buyer.
by advrider April 28, 2012
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When you put your finger in someone's ass and they start to shit, the shit will wrap around the finger and so the finger acts as a stick to the shit, creating a forbidden corndog.
The corndog do be looking nice
by BOOTY 42069 ass July 28, 2020
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the act of someone sticking something up someones butthole
*two boys fighting under water"
Jack: Frank! you just corndoged me with your finger!
frank: i know, hehe.
by dajew July 02, 2010
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In most cases, a corndog is a joint rolled with a small (or large depending on your taste and tolerance) amount of cocaine in it. Supposed to give you the effects of both without the speedy high of snorting. Not for the beginner.
"Yo bro you fixin to get all bent sideways?"
"Yea sure im down ill roll up a corndog."
by Richardseven December 19, 2013
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