the act of two indivuduals venturing into two adjacent stalls in a bathroom to simultaneously deposit fecal matter in sync, and also discuss with each other the matters of life.
While co-piloting Matthew and Thomas were able to express their feelings regarding their views on the condition of each others bathroom stall.
by MTAHTOTMHAESW February 18, 2009
A more polite word used to describe codependency.
Absolutely, my stepfather was co-piloting my mother’s life, it was like that from the very start.
by Dr Bunnygirl September 25, 2019
When a passenger holds the wheel for a driver while he is lighting a bowl, bong, bubbler, joint, or any other smoking apparatus usually for marijuana
Yo bro want to co pilot for a second while i spark this bowl
by Admiral_Ackbar November 10, 2008
A friend who sits shotgun and helps you watch for cops, rolls joints and flags down bitches when you're out cruizin the strip.
I need a co-pilot for this trip.
by Bomni February 8, 2005
A co-pilot is a buddy who you would take with you while on the prowl for chicks. Co-pilots are generally the substitute for a wingman when one is not available. A common use for a co-pilot is to distract her friends while you make your move. However, a co-pilot can't be granted the same level of trust as a wingman, in the sense that they are usually rookies and have yet to earn their wings. Therfore, co-pilots are a last resort.
Guy 1 - "hey man, I need a wingman for tongiht. You in?"

Guy 2 - "Sorry dude, I have to work early in the morning. Why don't you get your little bro to co-pilot you?
by outforsomeair April 9, 2010
Co-Piloting is when a couple gives road head to each other simultaneously while one partner steers and one partner pushes the pedals with their hands.
"Dude! Me and Junie went Co-Piloting all night last night to celebrate her getting her license! it was as litty as her titties."
by dregz June 16, 2018
Whilst driving, the driver leans over and gives the passenger "road head" and then the passenger then steers the vehicle.
The other day my girl and I were driving across town and I asked her if I could get the co-pilot and I almost crashed when I came in her eye
by PIRATE March 19, 2016