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Hambeast is one of those words which may have originated with Something Awful. It refers to people who are porcine, that is, piggishly fat, with arms and legs like hams.
"Look at this picture and tell me Fud isn't a hambeast. How much does he eat in a day?!"
by Siege February 16, 2005
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An extremely obese mass of flesh that is collectively thought of as human. To qualify for hambeast, the being must be 100 lbs. overweight, but the minimum can travel downwards if the hambeast tries to "show their stuff" when there is glaringly too much of "it."
by SquareMoogle February 16, 2005
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A really fat; and repulsive female; worse than a butterface. Really controlling over loser fat boyfriends forced into a relationship through accidental drunk impregnation.
Whoa Dave; Emily is quite a ham beast. Too bad Byron knocked her up. She has enough folds to bang to keep him busy for a few years!
by Dave Thomason June 03, 2007
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1. a person so extremely large, the back of their neck resembles a package of hotdogs, and their thighs are reminiscent of rice pudding on a hot afternoon
2. a term used to describe poor ld debaters at truman hs, including but not limited to a certain member nicknamed object
3. an alternative to thanksgiving turkeys
"oh HELL naw, i am NOT putting crisco on that ass! its her damn fault for not buying double doors, stupid hambeast!"
by twh2025 August 11, 2005
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A "human" that looks like they are smuggling dozens of hams under their clothes. They are generally poor, but thoroughly enjoy cheap Gin and Tonics at the local dive bar (but they don't tip). Their favorite food is Pork Rinds, and that stuff that looks like ham grease on their clothes is usually a weird mixture of gin, sweat, actual ham grease, saliva (not necessarily theirs), and occasionally urine. Although occasionally confused with the bull dyke, hambeasts aren't always lesbians.
-Holy shit! Why's that grizzly bear wearing a skirt? I didn't know bears wore clothes.

-Oh, that's no grizzly bear. It's just a hambeast. The confusion is understandable, however.
by JesusGaGa February 10, 2010
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A derogatory name for obese people who have unhealthy looking mottled, pink skin. Can be described as piglike, working class people.
β€œSome of those people on The Jeremy Kyle show are proper hambeasts.”
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by Velvetee June 17, 2018
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