(clump + tumble = clumble) The movement of clumping and tumbling at the same time (usually with three or more people) - Often used in musical theater.
The ensemble quickly "clumbled" on stage when they heard their cue.
by M'Bee May 27, 2007
A dense, unpicked collection of raspberries at the end of a vine that are particularly ripe and ready to be eaten by a hungry Julian.
"Oh my god, look at that really big clumble way in the back!
by Pooperdiaper October 1, 2017
slang adjective form of the word clump or clumped meaning piled up, or amassed.
The trash that was clumped in the streets, had blown into the corners of buildings; clumbled up, after last nights wind storm.
by Beowolfe7 March 23, 2011