The act of selling anything and or everything one owns to support their meth addiction.
That Tweeker is clucking her baby's formula for a nickel of shit.That Ho just tried to cluck her baby's formula for a nickel of shit,I asked her for a blow-job instead.
by Andy "DopeFeeen" P. February 27, 2004
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the sound you make when a chickenhead is present
When Julie came out after sucking 5 consecutive dicks in the shag room, Sam instantly started making pecking motions and yelling, "Cluck cluck! Cluck cluck!"
by Nick D February 21, 2003
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A shortened version of the response to "Quack quack seat back", usually when small children are around. Full phrase is "Cluck cluck, i dont give a fuck"
Person 1: I gotta go to the bathroom, quack quack seat back

Person 2: *takes seat* CLUCK CLUCK
by kllax22 January 11, 2011
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a phrase to discretely describe sexual intercourse.
girl: omg my periods late... what if i’m pregnant!!!!!
girl #2: idk have you done the cluck cluck taco
by pearl styles August 25, 2020
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