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When the noun, in any varying manner, is influenced and thus effected by any derivitive of the 'Club'. This word has a broad scope of meaning as virtually all things on a night out are a product of 'Club' influence.
An obvious example is getting on the lash before the club. Your not getting pissed for the sake of it but in fact for the club. You are therefore getting 'Clubbed-Up'. Any snazzy apparel donned for the club also makes the noun (in this case the person)'Clubbed-Up', as it has been specifically worn due to typical Club mandate requiring it.

E.g Bob:"Dave what are you doing, your completely pissed and wearing a horrible stripey black and white shirt?

Dave:"Mate, I'm getting 'Clubbed-Up' aren't I"
by Thomas Jessop June 18, 2007
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