A sexual position where a man is doing a woman from behind while she is laying flat in bed and he is just laying on her massive ass and gyrating in a circular motion.
Man, Ray J really Ray J'd Kim in that sex video.

Hey, I just Ray Jay'd that girl from the bar. She couldn't get enough.
by bigoleazz June 12, 2010
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Ray J is a black rapper born on January 17, 1981. His name can be used as an insult to a black person who sucks at rapping, or someone who is soon to get herpes from some disgusting bitch (ie Kim Kardashian). Can also signify a black man with an unhealthy obsession with big booties, which causes them to do stupid things (ie sleep with Kim Kardashian). Finally, it can also mean a black man who tries to profit off of doing stupid things (ie selling the tape of him sleeping with Kim Kardashian).
Person 1: "Damn, look at that white girl's booty man!"
Person 2: "Now c'mon man, don't go all Ray J on me."
by enkay16 July 15, 2009
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A very sucessful man who is both a singer and actor, Brandy's brother, and is on numerous t.v. shows and radio stations and pretty much all over the place in my view, but then again, I am a big fan of his...
DAMN!! Did you catch Ray J on t.v. last night? And what about his songs, I mean, those are amazing!
by CK-Money February 25, 2007
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Ray j penis is a phrase used to describe things that are slightly bent or out of shape. Ray j in the porn movie with Kim k has a very bent shlong. So if you see something bent you could say:
"Oh that pole look like ray j penis"
"Damn nigga ya dick look like Ray Jay"
"Ya car is all bent like ray j penis"
by Gip The Whipper December 26, 2015
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Kim: That's very big;)
Ray J:Thanks I call him a raging Ray J
by vincypoo January 24, 2013
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:To ejaculate upon ones face
- "crack a ray j" - ejaculating, Cumming
- "peep" - Face
An everyday use:

The ho: "Yo Alfonso you can't jack 55% of my crack, my booty be aching, i took it up the poo tube fo' times today g,Ill call the union...damn nigga"

The Pimp: (pimp slap) Beetch! shut yo mouf before i crack a ray j on your peep, fo' free and jack the other fo'five%, shiiit bitch read the times once and she think she think she been to college..."
by Shob October 8, 2005
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When April showers have finally subsided and the sun's rays dry the sidewalks, therefore allowing you to wear your favorite pair of fresh Air Jordans. Commonly acronized as ROJO.
"-Yo homie those are some sweet Space Jam XI's. Aren't you worried about gettin' them messed up?"
"-Nah man, rays out j's out. Recognize."

"-I went outside to go to class and realized it was actually nice out for once. Definitely a ROJO type day."
by GingerCannon02 April 14, 2011
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