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When someone who's dressed as clown gives you a blowjob, but you have a squeaky clown nose on the tip of your dick and every time they bop their head up and down, the nose squeaks.
Girl: "So tell me what kinda crazy shit you into honey"
Guy: "Well, I'd say my strangest kink is clownjobs. It's hot and hilarious"
by Swagnamite7700 July 05, 2018
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A clown job is when a man with facial hair on the chin gives oral to another man while his facial hair tickles the testicles of the man receiving, thus making him laugh like a clown would. (also referred to as: tickle me Gaymo)
That gay bitch made me laugh my ass off while he gave me a clown job.
by Jamey Drew May 21, 2008
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When a clown or someone impersonating a clown performs sexual acts with or on the common gear of a clown such as bike horns, whipcream pies, big, red shoes, a red nose, ect. It is common for the clown(s) to wear excessive face makeup to be smeared/ruined during such acts
Rodeo clowns are known to have clownjob orgies after a successful performance
His roommate caught him in the middle of a clownjob, balls deep in pie and shame behind his painted face
by thewisecrow March 13, 2018
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A group of clowns circle-jerking on to a crying kid.
John was forever traumatized by the clown job he had as a child.
by Monikr December 02, 2017
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The act of paying a male clown to do all the things a clown normally would for personal amusement
via giphy
by soldier clown September 26, 2017
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