The current state of global society: women are men, men are women, the schools teach propaganda instead of classes, left is right and right is left so basically, the reverse-world in steroids. You can see this effect in any collectivist movement like Fat acceptance, these people literally tell people that morbid obesity is healthy for example.

Although there are the typical trolls that say that anything that isn´t right of Ronald Reagan is a leftist abnormal, this theory is becoming more and more true as the time passes, like, a big part of the youth believes that Communism is good and it will solve all of our problems and that dissolving the Police will end racism. If people don´t understand that they are being used as useful idiots for a leftist agenda by the big coorporations, civilization as we know it wil cease to exist.
Feminist: Islam is the most pro-woman ideology in the world.
Any sane human being: This is so sad

We can do better. I know we can stop this pandemic of the clown world.
by the t h i c c boi June 10, 2020
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A term primarily used online in "4chan", "Politigram" and "Reddit" to express dismay or grimace at an "Ironic", silly, or depressingly stupid event.

Often used when referring to out of touch Liberalism or Consumerism in modern western society as well as other settings.
1: The US is in a period of heightened tension with the police and Biden just chose a cop as his VP

2: Man, fucking clown world

1: People are literally starving in the 3rd world and being used for slavery, and there are people on YT making money from "mukbang" and crushing IPhones
2: Man, fucking clown world

1: The Military is allowing autistic LGBTQ+ people into the Special Forces now, so our war criminals will be more diverse
2: Clownworld pal
by Beegs42 September 27, 2020
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Another attempt by 4chan's /pol/ board to make people think that something is a hate symbol, in this case, clowns. Although the term itself was first coined by /pol/ as a way to "own the libs" as per their usual standards, the term "Clown World" has seen usage by some as a sort of philosophical statement.

The main thesis of the philosophy goes as such. With how increasingly absurd the state of modern society is becoming, the world itself seems like one gigantic circus - hence, the only remaining option is take the role of an archetypal medieval jester and laugh in its face. This mindset is also referred to as being "clownpilled," as a sort of sister-pill to the more well-known "blackpilled" phenomenon, with the main difference being that the center of the pill revolves around a sort of "cheerful nihilism" as opposed to the old doom and gloom. Nothing matters, so why worry about it? Just grab some popcorn and enjoy the show!
The right's full of lunatics and the left's full of idiots... what kind of Clown World is this?

I'm telling you, man, it's a Clown World out there. Just stop worrying and laugh along with me!
by bugger off neebydeeb June 5, 2020
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1. (as slang) Any state of affairs either percived to be (such as social media) or indeed (such as the government) comparable to a circus.

2. (as far-right dogwshitle) Anything percieved as "woke" and left-wing. - typically disguised as a joke
(Definition 1)

"BREAKING NEWS: Rishi Sunak Reigns as prime minister"
"Fuck sake, we are living in Clown World"

(Definition 2)
"Heard of some Anime named Yasuke went political. Fuck sake Anime is turning into clown world too."
by JoeRedTroop January 3, 2023
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A label for a situation that is so undesirable that all one can do is laugh and work with it.
Reginald: “My car broke down on my way home after being laid off from work today”
John: “Bro, are you serious!?”
Reginald: “Clown World, bro”
by PippiShortStockings December 16, 2021
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*black people have rights*
nazi: wow this only happens in a clown world
by bam8080 January 8, 2021
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A term used by Neo-Nazis that refers to people of colour, the LGBTQI community, and people with dissenting opinions (often women), as clowns. In essence, “the clowns are turning our world into a clown world”. Neo-Nazis will often use a clown emoji to reference people, such as the groups mentioned above, as nothing more than clowns/fools. The emoji represents this with fluffy hair, rainbow colours, and makeup. Often times ‘clown world’ will also be used to mean that ‘degenerates’ (those mentioned above) are ruining the world.
“Hey, John? You hear about Tony? His name is Martha, now.”
“We live in a f***ing clown world.” 🤡

“Hey did you hear about the police shooting near Mark street yesterday?”
“Oh no, I feel so bad for those poor poor thugs.🤡”
“That was a 13 year old child.”
by YellowMarshmellowSlurpie March 14, 2021
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