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Another attempt by 4chan's /pol/ board to make people think that something is a hate symbol, in this case, clowns. Although the term itself was first coined by /pol/ as a way to "own the libs" as per their usual standards, the term "Clown World" has seen usage by some as a sort of philosophical statement.

The main thesis of the philosophy goes as such. With how increasingly absurd the state of modern society is becoming, the world itself seems like one gigantic circus - hence, the only remaining option is take the role of an archetypal medieval jester and laugh in its face. This mindset is also referred to as being "clownpilled," as a sort of sister-pill to the more well-known "blackpilled" phenomenon, with the main difference being that the center of the pill revolves around a sort of "cheerful nihilism" as opposed to the old doom and gloom. Nothing matters, so why worry about it? Just grab some popcorn and enjoy the show!
The right's full of lunatics and the left's full of idiots... what kind of Clown World is this?

I'm telling you, man, it's a Clown World out there. Just stop worrying and laugh along with me!
by bugger off neebydeeb June 04, 2020
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