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A term primarily used online in "4chan", "Politigram" and "Reddit" to express dismay or grimace at an "Ironic", silly, or depressingly stupid event.

Often used when referring to out of touch Liberalism or Consumerism in modern western society as well as other settings.
1: The US is in a period of heightened tension with the police and Biden just chose a cop as his VP

2: Man, fucking clown world

1: People are literally starving in the 3rd world and being used for slavery, and there are people on YT making money from "mukbang" and crushing IPhones
2: Man, fucking clown world

1: The Military is allowing autistic LGBTQ+ people into the Special Forces now, so our war criminals will be more diverse
2: Clownworld pal
by Beegs42 September 27, 2020
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