A serious ailment that is most prevalent amongst urban white populations in North America. Those affected by Clown Syndrome are motivated to paint their faces, drink excessive amounts of Faygo and practice incest.

One support group, the "Insane Clown Posse" does exist, and urges sufferers of Clown Syndrome to stay together. The group sees those ailed with CS as a "family," and refers to them warmly as "Juggalos," "Juggalettes," and "Ninjas." ICP urges those living with CS to accept themselves, and encourage Clown Syndrom behavior. This is exemplified by the annual "Gathering of the Juggalos," where "Juggalos" indulge in the behavior that defines their demographic.

Crack Cocaine and methamphetamine addiction are correlated with this disease.

see bieber fever
A: Every single night my neighbors light a styrofoam-fueled bonfire, shop out the local Wal-Mart of all its Faygo stock and invite a mob of face-painted, cracked-out guests who piss in my yard before leaving around 4 or 5 in the morning when I wake up for work.

B: You can't let yourself be so insensitive. The poor guys have Clown Syndrome. Why can't you just let them live?
by Jingus September 9, 2011
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Someone who suffers the disorder of Clown Syndrome always tries to be funny either by telling jokes or acting stupid. Some of these attempts succeed whilst the majority fails and creates an awkward atmosphere. One suffering from said disorder also thinks everything is funny and laughs at anything.
"Kid thinks he's funny, he's got clown syndrome or some shit bro"
by clownage September 1, 2009
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Genetic disorder presented in a set of abnormal facial characteristics including; a pale white complexion, a bulbous red nose, red coloration around the lips, and a pair of stripes of varying color painted vertically over ones eyelids. Mild to severe mental humerosity is an additional effect of "clowns".
Bob: i dont like people wit Clown Syndrome.

Jill: well your going to have to get used to it because they're here to stay.
by Roundbrownass July 12, 2011
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When a person has a fetish of wanting to be gang banged by a bunch of clowns. And the outcome is to much make up on the persons face with a lot of reds and blues.
Guy1: Hey man did you see her face?
Guy2: No, I didn't. Was she hot?
Guy1: HELL NO! She must've got Clown Syndrome last night!
Guy2: Aw, damn!
by sircuntyballsmcfapper July 28, 2012
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dwarves or midgets and the occasional small doofy person whom are suffering with down syndrome as well
strapping lad "ye gods!what hath that tiny man so ugly been thus afflicted with?"
comely wench "clown syndrome,hath he been afflicted"
by nomis 1 September 1, 2008
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Class Clown Syndrome is a mental case in someone in which they hide deep longing and sadness by exerting confidence and trying very hard to cause laughter in someone, only to go home and have to face their problems and feelings.
"Idk man, ig it's just a case of Class Clown Syndrome."
by Smellfred March 18, 2023
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Used to describe any situation or place that suffers a sudden influx of people for no explicable reason, like those piling into a clown car.
At 2:10, the lecture hall suffered a severe case of Clown Car Syndrome.
by Trotbot November 24, 2008
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