Friend : "Ohh Shit I Lost My Phone"
2nd Friend : "DWB I got your back"

Facebooks girls : "Dont Catch Feelings For Me"
Smart Guys : "DWB"
by CoolSmartPerson March 10, 2019
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Driving While Black.

The metropolitan police and other UK police forces will often try to arrest any black motorists, especially those driving expensive cars, for no good reason other than the colour of the driver's skin.

A motorist in Birmingam (England, not Alabama, but the attitudes are the same) was stopped for DWB ***35*** times in a year, and not once did he have as much as a faulty brake light. He did not break any speed limits and his car was in perfect order.

This is yet another example of the police being institutionally racist but nothing is ever done about it.
'Look sarge there's a nigger driving a sports car, I bet he stole it, thieving bastards the lot of them. And the bastard has got a white women in the passenger seat it ain't right is it'

'You know what to do son, pull him over for 'driving erratically' and plant some drugs in the glove compartment'
by Ben Dover of the Yard April 25, 2004
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driving while black such as obeying all traffic laws and getting pulled over by the 5-0 regardless
person 1:I got pulled over on the way here.
person 2:For what?
person 1: DWB
by dakarai April 5, 2003
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Stands for Driving While Black. A typical crime in wealthy suburbs. This crime is committed when a person of African decent is in an automobile and mistakenly drives into one of these towns.
Tyrone was driving through Clark obeying all local laws, but was pulled over because he was DWB.
by BigWillyStyle August 24, 2004
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DWB is an abbreviation for Driving While Black. This is a term people use to describe black people being pulled over by a cop because of their race. It has a strong meaning to people considering the discrimination against black people and the strong fear black people face when pulled over because they fear their life or loved ones lives because of the many occurrences of police brutality towards black people that can be very dangerous.
I just got pulled over for DWB.”
by Rose Cameron July 5, 2018
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Stands for: Driving While Black
In other words, when an officer arrests an African American for a completely bull reason because he/she is racist against African Americans.
Woah, that officer ignored that guy blowin' up a school bus and arrested that guy who was goin' 32MPH in a 30MPH zone. Oh wait, I geuss he was DWB..
by ThE:BiNKY:BaNDiT January 26, 2004
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Driving While Black. Not an accepted practice in America, is an unwritten crime.
"But sir, I's aint done nothin"

by Tony ramone June 19, 2005
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