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'Cloned' means you're surrounded by attackers at all sides, nowhere to run from. Taken due to the fact in the flash game Newgrounds Rumble, if you take the upgrade with the three heads, and you and a clone is taking both of the sides, it means a lot of damage for the victim.
Person 1: OMFG... I just got cloned in GunZ Online.

Person 2: How?

Person 1: By those kstylers. Damn, I need to know how to do kstyle.
by MisaTange July 09, 2009
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A term describing a multiplayer action game whereby you or your entire team were destroyed by a well coordinated assault team named clone. Being Cloned is detrimental to your gaming clan or team's image.
" oh no we just got cloned in GRAW"
" Great, Cloned again"
by SRT_Shadow September 19, 2006
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When some person wears practically the same kinds of clothes as yu and has similar hair
Omg look at bekky....shes totally cloned me.....i wore that same shirt in pink!
by Cowlie April 30, 2007
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