Mistaken slang reference to the clitoris. Popularized by the movie L.I.E.

Her dress is so short, you can see her clint.
You mean "clit."
Fuck you, I mean like... clintasaurus.
by herphosmanolin April 11, 2006
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Is a very over protective about the things he loves and cares about.
Very demanding and rules over all!
He is a very caring,sweer,loving but not a great listener.
He likes partying and sports.
He's popular and the freaky type.
He knows how to do everything just right.
All the girls are googly eyed over Clint but once he finds "the one" nothing can separate them.
She'd have to learn to respect his over dominance and always reassure him that he's loved .
Everyone prays for a Clint.
If you have a Clint you are one lucky girl.
Friend- How's Clint in bed
His girl- He's absolutely perfect and very over powering with complete control and knows what he's doing.

I'll have to get used to being the listener but I'm ready for it.
Friend- Dang,you sound lucky I want a Clint. Share!!!
by Careluckyletters March 30, 2018
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A particularly unpleasant individual void of any moral code, to be avoided at all costs.
Dean: OMG Greg your being a such a clint today.

Greg: Go suck a cock you big gay.
by D&G84 August 20, 2014
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the lint compounded with residuos {smegma} and other mostly foreign dried liquids and general oils neglected in a lovely young lady's clitoral hood,resulting in a colorful, fuzzy,collage.clitoris {clit+lint=clint
man: I haven't been laid in months, and I just turned down the town whore!
man2:why on earth would you do such a thing?
man1:she had a mighty impressive ball-o-clint!
man2:why ,what's that?
man1:goddamnit man!Look for yourself!
by japanican December 03, 2006
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Stolid and stoic in iron-bound concentration and determination, reminiscent of Clint Eastwood's unmoving, brick-like expression in all of his "spaghetti western" role.
As the carnage mounted while the enemy pressed closer and closer to the front line, the soldier's face was clint in defiance of the chaos of the scene.
by Chomsky66 October 29, 2007
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an abusive word which is a cunt and a clit mixed together.
that boy over there is such a clint!
by dai printer September 13, 2010
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