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A method in which a prankster makes a fake link to the music video of Rick Astley's Never going to give you up. To be rick rolled is to be the victim, rick rolling is the act of being the predator. The prank is considered funny because of the horrible dancing in this music video. Sometimes the bar tender is seen to be funnier. Over one million people have been rick rolled and counting.
Hey guys lets go rickrolling on the our favorite video game forums, they'll get a kick out of this!

by High_Rolla_Rick August 03, 2007
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Rickrolling originated in 2006 as an internet prank in which people would be tricked into clicking on a fake link that actually connected to a video of Rick Astley's, "Never Gonna Give You Up." There are many layers to why the prank is funny, namely the fact that Astley's voice doesn't match preconceived notions of his image--in that, his voice makes him sound like a large black man such as, Barry White. Because of this, rickrolling can be a metaphor for the conflict created by the internet (i.e. "What the hell is this?") where something false can connect with something real in a good or bad way (i.e. emotions). That is why real rickrolling refers primarily to the use of music or music videos on the internet to speak the real message for the user like a disc-jockey would do, because sometimes, music is needed to connect more deeply than the written word can. The risk of rickrolling, nonetheless, is that it can create ethereal narratives and connections with people not known by the user and make them feel deranged because the music is being used to communicate with them.
Before you go rickrolling or social media scrolling, consider that some people might think you're just internet trolling.
by Rosebud1776 December 26, 2016
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Rick rolling is were you show a calm video then Boom rick Astley never gonna give you up plays pissing of the watcher
by A meme'er November 05, 2017
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The Rick rolling of 2016 stems from a popular Netflix show called Trailer Park Boys. one of the main characters "Ricky" has a system for getting out of trouble and it's called "Rick Rolling"

When Rick rolling someone the best way to do it is make the person who's going to get you in trouble feel stupid or confuse them they both work. then once they are clueless you tell them a bullshit excuse and they agree with you because they're confused and then they have been successfully Rick Rolled. (JRL)
(Person about to get Rick Rolled) What the fuck are you doing, are you stealing car parts?

(Person RickRolling) I am just fixing up the car, what the fuck are you doing you may as well get out of here because you look suspicious are you the one that has been stealing the car parts?

(Just got rick rolled) No I'm not stealing the car parts and good luck fixing your car I'm sorry I bothered you
by Lentzy October 10, 2016
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To be rolling on ecstasy at a rave while listening to Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley.
Steve: "Dude I'm totally rickrolling so hard right now."
Bob: "Dude I know, you're pupils are so huge!"
by masebass December 13, 2010
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