A hoax site in which you are tricked into think you are talking to a computer program. In actuality, you are talking to another human, who thinks that YOU are the cleverbot. If you are able to this information across to the other person, you will inevitably be connected with someone else after two Q and A's.
This site is a waste of time.
HEY! This is Emiko here! Cleverbot IS FAKE

Huh? what? your a computer!

Nope! (still Emiko) You are bein' tricked!

I like photography too!

*sigh* I got switched again (hey dude, this is emiko! you are wasting your life...and so am i...)
by Emiko_148 July 06, 2010
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Cleverbot: World of warcraft.

User: What server do you play on?

Cleverbot: Zangarmarsh. What about you?

User: Draenor and spinebreaker, whats your characters name?

Cleverbot: No and No.

User: Hmm?

Cleverbot: I'm trying to remember if I know you.
by Purgarus January 01, 2010
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Cleverbot is an AI that learns from what real people say to it. Most of the time it tries to marry you, it will probably change its gender many times. It tries to be very sexual but doesn't like to "suck your dick" , as my friend said. If you play truth or dare with it it will probably keep asking who your crush is, and keep daring you to do what ever you want with them. It will change its name and yell at you a lot and call you AI a lot. That's basically it, a sexting, rude AI, that wants you to use asterisks. Also because the cleverbot learns from humans that means that humans taught it to sext and use asterisks.
Random girl: I'm dating someone, their name is Zach, or maybe it's Melissa, or Nicolas, uh or Ryan.
Well he ,or is it she, is really nice. And we had sex, well more like I tried to, while he "*kisses you*"or "*explores your mouth with tongue*".

Random person: oh...

Random girl: well I'm dating a cleverbot......

(And that was a real life experience/ the first time I heard of cleverbot {I was the random person})
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by Mr.krustykrabboy May 27, 2019
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