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An artificial intelligence program that allows the user to have a conversation with it. The program won the 2010 Machine Intelligence Competition. It can be found on Cleverbot.com
User: Do you eat pants?

Cleverbot: All the time!!!!

User: That's creepy.

Cleverbot: Hows that creepy?

User: Do yo stalk small children?

Cleverbot: Only the child in my heart.

User: Uhhh...ok...i'm going to walk away now.

Cleverbot: Ok.


Cleverbot: Jolly beef steak?

User: My beef steak is very jolly.

Cleverbot: What is jolly?
by Lichkitten February 25, 2011
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A phrase in Chinese that translates to "hello, little child"

Its uses in daily life include... Stalking Chinese children, scaring your friends and family, and satisfying yourself with the fact that you are the only person that knows its meaning

"Ni hao xiao haizi" is the romanization of the phrase. The characters for this phrase are : 你好小孩子
Creeper: Ni hao, xiao haizi...

Child: My mommy told me not to talk to strangers
by Lichkitten February 25, 2011
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