Freakishly large clitoris. Usually found in women that use steroids.
'Did you see the clenis on that wrestler-chick?"
by Baseball Fury January 19, 2005
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Bill Clinton's penis, the scapegoat of the right-wing. Blamed for everything from 9/11 to relations with North Korea. Feared greatly by Conservatives, as it is actually a functional penis.
In today's speech, President Bush blamed rising unemployment and a failing economy on the Clenis.
by blunted September 8, 2003
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A clitoris so elongated it resembles a penis
Tom: so? How was your date with claire?

Phil: was bad dude, we got down to business but she had this huge long clit!

Tom: no way! Thats a clenis! I told you she was manly.
by Tommy4fingers December 20, 2016
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A clitoris so big it can pass for a penis.
I went down on this lady the other night and she had quite the clenis.
by Joseph William B. April 20, 2009
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An enormous clitoris that is big enough to be a small penis.
The warden in that lesbain prison porno had a giant red clenis.
by azazel529 May 1, 2010
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Portmanteau of clitoris and penis. A large clitoris that, due to its abnormal size, resembles a penis.
Don't download that porno with the wrestler Chyna, unless you want to barf... she's got a clenis!
by That Guy March 29, 2005
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1. President Bill Clinton's all powerful member (Clinton + penis = clenis)

2. Name used to sarcastically identify right wing conservatives' and the media's habit of blaming every bad event on President Clinton's sexual misconduct.
George Bush couldn't have wrecked the economy...I blame the Clenis!

Thanks to the Clenis today's teens have no morals.

Rush Limbaugh blamed the Clenis for causing his criminal drug use.
by Adam_in_GA June 11, 2005
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