Clemmie is average height, pretty and funny. She has a very good fashion sense and always looks AMAZING! She attracts boys and has a very sexy body. She is clever, funny and pretty, one the people that your meant to hate but is soooo nice that you can't!!
"WOW!!! I wanna be just like that Clemmie! "
by Fannyina March 13, 2010
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clemmie is friends with everyone. she is absolutely gorgeous and if you find someone named clemmie, be nice to her and become friends with her. she is intelligent, and tall. clemmie is popular and has so many friends.
by crankygrass November 12, 2018
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The most beautiful girl in everyone's life. Every boy fancies her instantly when they see her because of her stunning looks; sophisticated sense of style; graceful movements and enviable figure. In fact, when they see her for the first time most guys will actually crap themselves because they are so shocked at how phitt she is. When Clemmy walks into the club everyone will stop to check her out. Most Clemmy's are taken or hard to get because of their glamorous looks, but she is very loyal to her boyfriend and/or other friends.
Guy: Who's that beaut?
Girl: yeah that's clemmy, I can't believe she's MY friend. But sorry she's taken.
by nabipabi January 13, 2013
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The cum that gets stuck in between your fingers after masturbation
I want my clemmy to dry quickly so I can peel it off like glue.
by Penthouse2019 August 16, 2018
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a very annoying obnoxious little girl. usually a name of a female that will end up realizing her true affection to women.
gosh. i hate that clemmie
by yoooooppaaapaaaalaaapady August 22, 2009
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