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The best person ever, Clement is kind, loving, caring. He'll show you what it's like to be treated like a princess. If Clement has feelings for you, you'll be treated like his number 1 priority, he'll love you like no other and he'll prove to you that not all guys are the same.

He's wise, Clement will teach you valuable things in life.

Clement is crazy, but the good type of crazy. His madness will only draw people towards him.
When he smiles, it's the most beautiful thing in the universe, it's all people can see.
Clement is humble, he's generous, he's very attractive.

Clement is the cutest being you'll ever see or meet. You're very, very lucky if you meet him, and if you're a part of his life. Clement doesn't fall in love easily, but if he falls in love with you, you're someone really special.

Clement keeps his promises, and never fails to let you down.

He'll make you laugh and smile day and night.
Oh man... I love Clement.
by Girlygirl9 October 16, 2011
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1. Slight sins or offenses
2. Petty crimes or small infractions
3. Las Vegas Punk Rock!
Peccadilloes shows rule.
by James Messina August 11, 2006
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Clement as a boy's name is pronounced KLEM-ent. It is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Clement is "merciful". From Clemens.

A Clement is romantic, knows how to wooo you. Becareful with Clements they have a way of making you love them. They are Strong and Soft like a teddy bear.

They have mesmerizing eyes, that will have you wanting to stare into them for hours. Loyal and devoted these Men love to just spend hours focusing on you and your needs.

Clements have only one down fall they cant resist a good lolipop. They have even created a lolipop with the name Clement.
Person 1: Are we going to the Doctors today?
Person 2: Yes I hope he gives me a Clement.

"I want to hug you like a Clement"
by dr.smithson December 01, 2011
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Clement is super hardworking and studies all day. He is a high achiever and strives towards excellence.

Although Clement is already very smart, he is a very competitive person, so he sometimes studies too hard and overworks himself. Clement should relax more and take breaks in between studying times.

Clement is really bad at Pool but he still enjoys playing it. But it's okay, because he is good at other things like badminton and tennis.

Clement is nice to everyone he meets and never judges people by their cover. He sees the positive side of people and does not badmouth others.

Clement is a good friend - he is always there for you especially in times of need, and cheers you up when you are sad. He will always be there to encourge you and support you, and he will always try to find time for you.

Anyone would be lucky to have someone like Clement in their lives.
"Who's that person over there"
"That's Clement, the best didi in the world"
by meimeii April 10, 2019
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Sexiest mofo on earth with the most irresistable backside on the planet. Known to be reckless when partying and girls tend to fight over them. CLement's are basically the most awesome people in the world!!
Girl 1: Dude look at that guys ass
Girl 2: daaaaayummmm hes such a clement

boy: wish i had an ass like clement
by wedafukkinbest69 July 10, 2010
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A Clement will always flex his crocs on filthy peasants and always cleans them off. Messing with a Clement's crocs might result in serious injury
My dad is such a Clement, don't go into his shoe closet.
by King_of_succ June 18, 2018
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Weather of such temperature that you can take all your clothes off and still feel the same way.
It's a clement day today, think I will go naked.
by spakmolotoculous March 31, 2006
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