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Clement as a boy's name is pronounced KLEM-ent. It is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Clement is "merciful". From Clemens.

A Clement is romantic, knows how to wooo you. Becareful with Clements they have a way of making you love them. They are Strong and Soft like a teddy bear.

They have mesmerizing eyes, that will have you wanting to stare into them for hours. Loyal and devoted these Men love to just spend hours focusing on you and your needs.

Clements have only one down fall they cant resist a good lolipop. They have even created a lolipop with the name Clement.
Person 1: Are we going to the Doctors today?
Person 2: Yes I hope he gives me a Clement.

"I want to hug you like a Clement"
by dr.smithson December 01, 2011

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