Anglo-American slang term used to describe the act of mastubation in order to empty one's testicles of a thick, fat, juicy load of baby-batter in order to start a newer batch.
Or, in the case of the film 'There's Something About Mary,' the theory that "cleaning your pipes" will steady your nerves before a date because your body will not think you are trying to have sex because you will have tricked it into thinking you have done already...
"Percy spent two hours cleaning his pipes because he hadn't shot his load for four days."

"Hey Gordon, you should clean your pipes before seeing Jennifer tonight, it'll steady your nerves."
by Stuart Fletcher November 3, 2004
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To jerk off, especially prior to a date, so you aren't thinking about sex all the time.
Make sure you clean the pipes before going out tonight, so you won't have the baby batter in the brain anymore.
by keyshaw September 11, 2004
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masturbation to prevent the pipes from clogging, which can lead to the back up of sperm that flows directly to the brain causing awkward sexual advances, undue violence, and masturbation in creative and sometimes inappropriate places.
I should clean the pipes before that date tonight.

For sure! You don't want to be going for the kiss before the bread even gets there.
by t freezy August 10, 2011
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When you go into the bathroom and you end up taking a shit, pissing, and ending with a good ol' hearty fap.
"What the hell is he doing? He's been in the bathroom for 40 minutes."
"Prolly just cleaning the pipes"
by SantasTwerkshop December 27, 2013
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Urination by a man following an act of masturbation or sex. Presumably any semen left in the tip of the penis will be cleaned out by the pressurized urine stream.
After I busted on Mary's face, I went to the bathroom to clean the pipes before I kicked her to curb.
by natevines December 30, 2011
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1. To clean a pipe in a stroking motion, in a way in which it looks like masturbating.

2. To be jerked off
Hey Brad, Sally's talent is to clean the pipe. I found out last night. That's sick bro!
by Connor123 October 20, 2014
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Afta cumming have a piss to clean the pips
afta macking a hot chick or wanking, go have a piss. cleaning the pipes
by DaUsualCrew April 18, 2007
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