If she asks for a compliment tell her she has a nice clavicle. Don't mention those hangers
by Working Class Hero November 24, 2020
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That body part you pay a compliment when she has the most abhorrent tits that you have ever seen
Her: Do you like my tits?
You: You have a lovely clavicle
by Montiero is the worst Chris March 18, 2021
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Warning to all you ladies out there this is important street survival information. When a guy or gal compliments you on your clavicles they are literally saying that your tits are the fucking worst. Its a new thing going round that guys are now doing so be on gaurd

Though if it does happen to you then you must have shit tits, so let's hope you have a nice ass
Just wanted to say you have great clavicles
by Working Class Hero November 24, 2020
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The upper part of your chest that is very inappropriate to show before marriage and S-E-X
Person #1: Johnny has big clavicles
Person #2: be careful person #1 thats inappropriate
by lunamun March 13, 2019
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Clavicles throat windpipe
I was driving Trump back to the Whitehouse and that bitch grabbed me by my clavicles!
by Jaboney June 29, 2022
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clavicle is Brasil.
<clavicle> I AM BRASIL!!
by emad June 7, 2003
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