A girl who gets clapped a lot. A whore, slut, skank, ho, or quicky another term that started in the same place and means the same thing.
Clap as in have sex with.
A term that started in the Creston Plaza AKA The Projects look it up Grand rapids Michigan.

Or shooting a gun.
Bro I clapped dat clappy all night, my nig!


I clapped da berretta on dat nigga last night!
by GunRueKid March 20, 2008
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Clappies are another term for booty, or a big ass
Me to the homie: damn, you shoulda saw the girl I bagged, she had some serious clappies


“Damn, that girls got some clappies on her”
by UnknxwnC January 23, 2020
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A slang term for applause or clapping
It causes clappiness
by Baskethany March 5, 2019
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what is said when someone doesn't feel the need to clap but is forced to anyway. originated at a boring assembly in Arizona.
*new speaker walks on stage everyone claps*
Kelsey:*very bored* clappy clappy clappy
by The Kez May 11, 2005
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A good feeling; good.
I'm feeling really clappy today because it is a weekend.
by Patt :3 January 22, 2011
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A style of humor in which actual humor content is irrelevant. Instead, the comedian makes cutting, witty remarks about a person, idea or movement to which both he and his audience are largely opposed, and the audience does not actually laugh, but instead applauds his wit. Clappy humor is only there to make a political point and to be clapped at; it is not supposed to be "funny" or joke-based, as mere jokes and laughter would be considered frivolous by both comedian and audience.
The Daily Show used to be hilarious, but then they got started with all the clappy humor, and it just hasn't been the same.
by Michael Andreyakovich November 24, 2007
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