A word with several definitions -

1. To strike one's own palms together, creating a distinct sound. Usually to show approval of something (see: applaud), but could also be used as a signal.

2. An instance of Gonorrhea, which is an STD characterized by pain and discharge in the genital areas.

3. To get shot by a firearm.

4. A derivative of definition three; To get stabbed, shot, or beaten intensely to the point of certain death.

5. The act of making the left and right portions of the buttocks collide after being slightly spread apart; partially a derivative of definition one, given the same sort of noise is created.

6. To have sexual intercourse.

7. To get defeated/defeat utterly in some sort of game; mostly refers to sports, but is also common in video games.

8. Refers to something that is tasteful, sounds good, or just in a positive demeanor.

9. Abbreviation: Cleft Lip and Palate; a physical deformity characterized by openings or splits in the roof of the mouth and lip.

10. Abbreviation: Clear, loud, As an order, with Pauses; A military term that refers to how drill sergeants in the military need to project their voice when issuing commands.
1. They clapped when she went on stage

2. Bro, I think I got the claps from when I fucked that one skank last night.

3. Y'all better get down before I clap y'all muthaphukkas!

4. Did you hear about Terry? He got fucking clapped after he walked down the alleyway last night.

5. I'm about to make them cheeks clap so hard, it'll cause an earthquake.

6. You ready to clap?

7a. We got fucking clapped.

7b. We fucking clapped them.

8. That beat really claps, I fuck with it.

9. Your baby has CLAP, Cleft Lip and Palate.

10. Remember sergeant, CLAP when ordering the privates around.
by BlenderThatBlendsThings June 20, 2019
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The act to make your ass cheeks collide together
I wanna make my ass clap tonight
by ShelbzXoxo December 31, 2012
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The act of bum ass niggas using you white folks credit card information to order shit such as dominos pizza and other frivolous items off the interweb.
Yo bro , I just clapped these Gucci jawns I’m bout cop a belt too.
by Yuurritsyaboy March 06, 2018
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When a girl has large enough ass cheeks that she can spread them and bring them back together, making a clapping noise.

In effect, she is "clapping" her ass cheeks together.
(A girl talking): Watch honey, I can make them clap for you!
by MHo November 24, 2003
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A nickname for gonorrhea, an STD.

The clap got its nickname from the methods of treating gonorrhea on the war front. This painful way of treatment involved two soldiers holding their comrade's arms, two soldiers holding their comrade's legs, and one soldier "clapping" his hands on the comrade's penis, discharging the fluid.
"Did you hear what Steve caught from me?"
"Yeah, the clap."
"No... I had herpes. He has the clap!?"
"Yeah... hey, now you have the clap, too!"
by Rem of Collegeland March 25, 2007
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