A bedroom pop artist well known for “Pretty Girl”, “Bubble gum”, and all of her other songs because they’re all iconic. She is an industry plant but she’s super talented so it doesn’t matter
Person 1: “Have you heard “Sofia” by Clairo? i cry everytime i listen time it!”
Person 2: “Omg yes it’s my fav song rn!!”
by whore4dior December 27, 2019
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The most beautiful, talented, kindest person in the world. She makes indie/alternative music. Having a crush on her especially when your a girl is pretty normal :)
Hey whose that wrote it who makes that really aesthetic music?
Oh, that’s clairo!
by idek..yet August 30, 2020
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Clairo aka DJ baby benz
20-year-old bedroompop female singer from Boston who became well-known for her songs "Pretty Girl" and " Flamin Hot Cheetos". She's been making music and posting them on Soundcloud since 2014.
Friend A:" Have you listened to Clairo's latest track Heaven yet?"
Firend B:" Yes and it sounds incredible!"
by accurateweirdfacts March 2, 2019
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A clairo is a girl who wears Dr. Martens and baggy pants. Sometimes has a septum piercing and sometimes has bangs. She loves listening to music from artists like Clairo or Phoebe Bridgers
Dam bro that girl is such a clairo… bro she got that clairo vibe going
by Ron T July 28, 2022
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clairo is a gorgeous icon who everyone should stan
person 1: “woah that girl is pretty AND has good music
person 2: “you must be talking about clairo”
by The_gamer_dude March 3, 2019
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Christina: “I want to ask Sarah out... is she... you know...”

Mia: “Yeah she’s a friend of clairo... go for it!”
by mybrocold February 4, 2020
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