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A store popular amongst teen girls. Well known for their “One Size Fits Small” policy. If you fit into their clothes and have a generally “trendy” or “basic” style you’ll love it. Generally affordable for teenagers. They lack in diversity but are still one of the top stores for teen girls
Person 1: “Omg i love your skirt where did you get it?!?”

Person 2: “Thank you! it’s from brandy melville!”
by whore4dior December 27, 2019
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A bedroom pop artist well known for “Pretty Girl”, “Bubble gum”, and all of her other songs because they’re all iconic. She is an industry plant but she’s super talented so it doesn’t matter
Person 1: “Have you heard “Sofia” by Clairo? i cry everytime i listen time it!”
Person 2: “Omg yes it’s my fav song rn!!”
by whore4dior December 27, 2019
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Cherry emoji twitter is a group of (mostly) girls who love fashion, hello kitty, bedroom pop, jennifer’s body, and lana del rey. A cherry emoji twitter girl’s uniform is a mini skirt, crop top, and platform shoes. They love the louis vuitton murakami collab, and brandy melville.
Person 1: “Megan is always wearing pleated mini skirts and platform shoes... i bet she’s on cherry emoji twitter
Person 2: “Yeah, I saw her spotify and it’s full of kim petras and lana del rey”
by whore4dior December 27, 2019
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