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When a male moves his hips side to side which causes his Penis to hit each leg causing the "Clacking" sound.
"Ricky was the best, Nobody could out clack Ricky"

"Look boys, He is Clacking"
by Jack the Clacker June 18, 2018
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Verb. For one to swing one's scrodum back and forth until a sound is heard. The sound can either be high pitched like a slap, or it can be deep like your ball sack is jelly. While swinging your fellow peers encourage you to trust forward harder, propelling the sack to make an intense clacking noise. The person who makes the louder noise with their ball bag is the champion of NYM&FR.
I thought it could never be done, it was terrible, yesterday I clacked so hard my sac started to bleed profusely. I screamed but luckily my friends were there to massage the pain away.
by M&F Race May 11, 2005
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The action of hitting your cleats together to knock the mud off of them.
After the muddy football game i was clacking my cleats in the locker room and mud went everywhere.
by ChaDMcBaDD October 12, 2009
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a form of sex in which the male (or a female with complete strap-on genitalia) repeatedly inserts their balls into their partner's asshole. The balls and asshole are each lubricated to ensure full pleasure for both participants.
To stimulate their dormant sex life, the husband surprised his wife during their weekly sex by getting behind her, and clacking her into submission.
by clackmaster3000 November 22, 2011
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This original version is when you take your hard cock and smack someone's face, alternating between their left and right cheeks, as your love rod makes a slapping sound. There are a couple variants of clacking such as straddling a woman's chest while smacking her with your man meat or just grabbing her hair, cock in her face, and rotating your hips as quickly as possible to maximize the clacking sound.
Robyn: Hey Stacey, what happened to your face? Did Leon hit you again?
Stacey: No girl, he was just Clacking me real good.
by ATM spajshj September 14, 2019
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When a skier on a ski lift clacks their skis together knocking snow off their skis in the hopes that the snow will fall on people below
Hey, you want to try clacking these skiers?
by Psycho snowboarder December 25, 2010
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