The area of land inhabited between the towns Screven and Odum, Georgia.
"Hey, you want to take the fourwheelers and a forty down to Scrodum and have a good time?"
by ashleygemini May 11, 2009
it is a crotch or the things in side your pants
My scrodum Itches
by cody crowther February 8, 2003
a penis. scrodum rhymes with totem, like totem pole, that's why it's funny
yo ho, why don't you climb my scrodum pole!
by tilly14 July 25, 2006
The white/yellow substance on your scrodum. comes from not washing your balls.
May i have scrodum cheese for dinner oscar asked?
by PS360WEHATERS March 6, 2008
A person who takes the scrodum of a man and inserts it into their mouth and guzzles it with pleasure.
YO, dont be a scrodum guzzler!!!!
by endlessraper June 10, 2010