Aussie slang for arse. Derived from the word cloaca which is a bird's vent, i.e. a bird only has one hole to shit, piss and root with. This amazing all-in-one hole is located on the underside of a bird's tail.

Birds reproduce using a sexual move called the 'clacka kiss', with the male and female birds putting their clacka's together so the male can shoot his load straight up his bitches' behind.
Goddam if Brett keeps on eating my chips I'm gonna kick him straight up the clacka!
by fistintheface October 20, 2010
wtf that chik just shoved a fooball up her clacka
by Brad August 5, 2004
a vagina........
dont make me smack your clacka
by B-Rad May 23, 2004
an insult to a sibling or person on the street
Brad: OI!
Zia: WOT
Brad: You are the biggest, nastiest Clacka imaginable
Zia: k
by Brad June 8, 2004
toim uzd two insulld yo bruvvah / sistah / whozevahs gotsa clacka !
sibling 2 : LIZZN HOE, FUNK OWF
sibling 1 : SMAK UR CLACKA !!
by zia May 25, 2004
A Aussie bogan mole of low class, fowl mouthed &with the temperament of a cassowary usually holding a beer
That clacka-kicka, always causing trouble at the pub, like a crazy cassowary on heat...
by SARCHANGELUS February 9, 2017