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Doing a girl or guy up the date missionary style on the carpet in front of a mirror. The intense friction on the coarse carpet gives the receiver's back the classic carpet burn signature usually encountered on one's knees after taking it doggy style.
Chris: Dude, that chick at the bar is gonna get some serious redback lana action when I get her back to my place! Damn!
by fistintheface July 5, 2013
Aussie slang for arse. Derived from the word cloaca which is a bird's vent, i.e. a bird only has one hole to shit, piss and root with. This amazing all-in-one hole is located on the underside of a bird's tail.

Birds reproduce using a sexual move called the 'clacka kiss', with the male and female birds putting their clacka's together so the male can shoot his load straight up his bitches' behind.
Goddam if Brett keeps on eating my chips I'm gonna kick him straight up the clacka!
by fistintheface October 20, 2010
A “thank youwank
How rude of me… we had an amazing dinner tonight and I haven’t shown my appreciation! Now sit back, relax, and let me thwank you properly.
by fistintheface March 3, 2022