A word often wrongly said to be a slur, but just an abbreviation for someone who is both cisgender and heterosexual. A slur applies that the group that the term is being used against can be discriminated against because of that certain identity trait.
"Omg, the cishets are so annoying sometimes."
"Yeah, some of them are decent, but a lot of them, imo, kinda suck."
by veryuglycarrot October 10, 2022
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The active avoidance of any topic that goes against heteronormativity or questions the efficacy of the nuclear family.
I corrected him on the pronouns he used for me but he did the cishet shuffle and changed the topic.
by Waterlamondra August 11, 2018
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A weekly celebration, every monday, where cishet people are celebrated for their continuation of the human species.
It's cishet monday my dudes
by Raphaeltael September 3, 2022
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A word created by exclusionists to remove asexuals from LGBTQ+ spaces. It's supposed to mean cisgendered heterosexual asexuals while in reality asexuality is it's own valid orientation and the gender of partner doesn't change that.

An asexual person can be heteroromantic or can belong on a spectrum (eg. demisexual) and lean towards opposite gender attraction while still being asexual and therefore having experiences inherently different from heteronormative ones.
"Cishet aces aren't queer."
"I disagree. Aces dating people of opposite gender are different from straights simply because they're aces."
by MrsMika July 29, 2021
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Something that cishet people like to do in a group. This is not exclusive to sex, it could be male (a rock concert) or female (discussing real housewives).
Yeah man I hate being a sound tech its a fuckint Cishet CircleJerk in here.
by VenusTheFlyTrap November 1, 2021
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When someone is acting like a far right rude cisgendered heterosexual.
O: That guy just elbowed me in the face, snuffed me, and didn’t say sorry!
E: Mf got that cishet syndrome.
by Eye_Snatcher.shroomy February 28, 2023
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disgusting, pigs, make my blood boil, deserve to die, there are no good ones, racist, homophobic, misogynistic, overall bigots.
dumb bitch: "omg john mulaney is my fav unproblematic cishet white man!"
me: "he's not unproblematic mackenzeigh, he's said slurs on stage and been racist towards asian people. unproblematic cishet white men do not exist."
sane person walking by: "ew why are you talking about cishet white men, disgusting."
by gemgem<3 May 19, 2021
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