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A shortened phrase or slang for cisgender.
"Oh my god, look at her nose! That girl just can't be cis."
"Oh my god, look at your transphobic ass! I can't tell the difference between your face and my asshole right now, Karen."
by veryuglycarrot October 10, 2022
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Someone who likes the opposite gender only and usually very strongly.
Heh Becca, did you hear about that new kid named Noah?”
“Yeah, he’s straighter than a ruler.”
by veryuglycarrot November 22, 2022
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Something that is of not cost to you.
Hey, how much for your earrings?
They’re free ninety nine, actually!
by veryuglycarrot November 22, 2022
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A word often wrongly said to be a slur, but just an abbreviation for someone who is both cisgender and heterosexual. A slur applies that the group that the term is being used against can be discriminated against because of that certain identity trait.
"Omg, the cishets are so annoying sometimes."
"Yeah, some of them are decent, but a lot of them, imo, kinda suck."
by veryuglycarrot October 10, 2022
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An originally derogatory word used against the afab and feminine-presenting/identifying communities, eventually reclaimed in the early 2000’s, though it is most commonly used among cis gay men now a days.
Some of the different ways we say bitch

“Hey bitch! I haven’t seen you, in like, forever.”
Biiiitch, what?”
“You’re being so bitchy right now, I can’t.”
“Those bitches don’t know what they’re talking about, honestly.”
“Bitch, I’m too young to die! Help!”
“Slay, bitch!”
“Fuck off, bitch.”
“Come on, bitches, we need to run like the wind or we’re going to be late.”
“Fuck me, this weather today is so bitchy. It’s as hot as satan’s ballsack out here.”
“You wanna know what that bitch said? Girl, it’s crazy..”
Cha cha, bitch, cha cha, bitch!”
Get that money, girl! This bitch has been working all day, and she deserves it.”
by veryuglycarrot October 23, 2022
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an offensive slur used towards people within the transgender community by cis people.
"Did you hear his little faggot voice? What a tranny!"
"Shut the fuck up, Brad, no one likes you."
by veryuglycarrot October 10, 2022
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