An extremely creative, and talented, French-Canadian modern day circus. Created by Guy Laliberte and Daniel Gauthier in 1984. Many of the shows tour all over the world. The headquarters of Cirque can be located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

What sets this circus apart from all others is that it consists of elaborate costumes, music, settings, mesmerizing acts, and extremely skilled performers. There are also no animals used in any of the shows, and most shows seem to tell a story, similar to that of a play or ballet.
My favorite Cirque Du Soleil show is Varekai.
by Cirque_Fan_137 November 29, 2005
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a show which features a bunch of french clowns blowing themselves. And making wierd noises/
(switching through the channels stop at 77) "What the fuck is this shit called Cirque Du Soleil, some fucking clowns blowing himself."
by Tom Opium September 23, 2006
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The act of having extremely wild or freaky sex.
Man, that crazy chic was so impressed with that dinner at Carl's Burgers, she took me to an old storage building and tried to Cirque du Soleil me!
by Nelson0755 June 10, 2010
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The best drinking game ever! Teams of two line up across from each other at a table. Each player has two solo cups partially filled with beer. One player from each team (we'll call him Player 1) starts by drinking one of the cups and then proceeding to flip it as one would in flip cup. Next Player 2 drinks his beer, and then attempts to flip his cup into Player 1's cup, while Player 1 moves his cup in attempt to catch it. Once Player 2 successfully flips his cup into Player 1's cup, player 1 will pass the stack of cups to Player 2 and then drink his second cup of beer. He then tries to flip his cup into the stack of cups Player 2 is now holding. Player 2 then passes the stack of cups back to Player 1 and then drinks his last beer and flips the final cup into the stack of cups his partner is holding. The first team to stack all four cups wins the round!
Jimmy: Hey brosefs, you wanna play flip cup?
Tex: No way, Cirque du Soleil is way more fun!
Jimmy: True dat broheim!
by beekthafreek May 16, 2013
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when a girl gets 4 balls and 1 penis in her asshole.
forget 2 dogs in a bathtub, last night i had a cirque du soleil!
by irkie and yosh October 13, 2007
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