Laliberte’s are very loyal to each other they will go anywhere for family no matter how long it takes. They protect their friends and they don’t take anything from anyone
You are just as loyal as a laliberte
by What’s up😝 July 9, 2018
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Dried feces attatched to your anus hairs.
Yo dude, you have mad LaLibertes!
by Anonymous April 7, 2003
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The world's biggest producer of midget pornography. He has produced such classics as Oompa Loompas Gone Wild and We're Getting Off To See The Wizard.
Bob : "Jim, have you seen any movies by David Laliberte?"
Jim : "Of course. Oompa Loompas Gone Wild was a classic!"
by Wankmaster April 4, 2006
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A rabid land shark that likes to prey on little polish kids
Did you hear about the Holocaust? Yeah I heard it was Josh Laliberte.
by Job fish April 1, 2022
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Laliberte is a french meaning of freedom and peace. Liberte means freedom and La is the in french. So in a full sentence it means The Freedom
Student: Ce qui est elle?
Translation: Who is that?
Teacher: C'est madame Laliberte elle est un nouveau enseignant a cette ecole. Elle nom veux dire La Liberte
Translation: It is Mrs. Laliberte, she is the newest teacher in this school. Her name means The Freedom
by It’s_kailee_ banks October 16, 2020
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