The cleanest way to refer to a woman's sexuality. It includes her smell, taste, and naughty side. To the furthest degree her purity.
She keeps giving her cinnamon away.

Her cinnamon is no match for my mustard.
by Griff McGriffton April 29, 2010
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(Adjective) The equivalent to a ginger, just more attractive and usually has a soul. Commonly found in the North Eastern part of the United States and Western Canada. Freckles are prominent and usually in large numbers. Some cinnamons are found wearing obscene clothing, beware. Large families are usually together in one area of the country of this breed.

Differences between the two are skin tones, which are usually a shade darker than most gingers and the cinnamons are more aesthetically pleasing,
"Yo man, did you see that slamming ginger over there with her tits hanging out?!"

"Yeah I did man but that's no ginger! It's a cinnamon! You don't find banging gingers anywhere these days!"
by Cole&&Frappe' April 15, 2011
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A splash of caramel with a hint of golden flava.
Damn, look at that girl. Must be that cinnamon in her.
by cinnamon > caramel November 28, 2006
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Cinnamon is a combination of Indian and Black, similar to basian. Usually TJ is referred to as cinnamon.
"You just hate me beacuse im cinnamon"
by Will Hester October 08, 2005
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1. the term used before telling your broski at what time you see an attractive female; refering to if your friend was an imaginary clock, the girl is in the direction where the hour hand would be facing
2. a code word when you see an attractive female
"Dude cinnamon 6."

(friend turns around and see's girl)

"Dayummm nice one, thanks bro."
by lefty31t October 10, 2011
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