one who has smoked way too much cannabis and became a reject who can no longer think and make wise choices. making conversation with a cinder is difficult because they have fried most of their brain cells.

ur a freakin' cinder, Billy Bob!
by brianbh October 24, 2007
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(V) To cinders to have sexual intercouse with a female dog. This is usually referring to anal sex with the dog. After the intercourse, the human then gets the dog to lick their big, brown, guatamalian nipples. See Beastality.
"Yo did you hear about Colin's Dog? It totally got cindered last night by T.J."
"Yo I gave my dog Patty a cinders...she seemed to like it"
by Curly-headed Fuck April 07, 2009
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The name given to a pet (most often a cat) that has been ran over and returned to the owner only to be cremated.
"Your cat was totally cinders!"
by Philpac September 10, 2008
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A Cinder is a crush on Tinder that "I may not f*ck you today. BUT, Iama hit you up tomorrow fo'sho'!"
"Gurl! He was super sexy and nice. Should I text him? He my new Cinder!
by May2317hvvr May 24, 2017
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A person who try to suck everybody she or he see
Like a gay person who suck dick its a cinder
by Chagiii July 03, 2016
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