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A very beautiful person with a fantastic personality. A very smiling person, who makes everyone smiling. A warm, nice and hugging person.

Cille means 'beautiful' in japanese
You can always be sure, that a Cille person is wonderful in bed and extremely passionate and wild.
a sunny day in a garden where you are spending the time with a person called Cille
by Gerda_98666 January 20, 2012
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Cille is a name of Danish origin, often being a shortened version of the female name Cecilie. While the name Cecilie was popularized already in the 1970's, Cille has only recently started gaining popularity. The translated meaning of Cille is Silverstar, which sometimes can raise confusion among foreigners and not to mention Starbucks waiters. Never the less, Cilles are most frequently recognized as being exceptional karaoke singers, avid walnut collectors, and fans of animal costumes. The pronunciation of Cille is ' Si - leh'. A part from being popular in Denmark, Cilles can also be found in both Norway and Sweden.
Starbucks waiter: what's your name?
Cille: it's Cille
Starbucks waiter: Cool, what does that mean?
Cille: Silverstar...
by thenamegiver December 10, 2014
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