A strong, intelligent, beautiful, classy lady. She is well balanced and has a level head, she is practical and is often sought after for advice.
Wow she is such a Cierra
by Red writter February 04, 2010
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The most sexiest girl you will meet, big vibrant booty, very goofy, will be smiling one minute and then ready to attack the next. Someone not to be bothered with. Also known as being very sensitve and caring. Always giving and loving. Sometimes can be to nice and get used, but once she realizes she is being used she stops caring. Hates stuck up girls. Tell it how it is. Has a IDGAF attitude and will stomp someone in their head with timberland boots. All around the girl you want to have around you. She will have your back and be by your side. She makes the perfect girlfriend and lover. Awsome in bed (very seductive). Will always have their partner back and be a true ride or die =
Terry: This girl in class tried to call me out on some crazy stuff!

Mike: Word really? My girl Cierra wouldn't have that she would have put her right in her place.

Terry: Damn I wish I messed with a Cierra

Mike: Yeah she one of a kind though

Terry: I see and she about the thickest girl up this school. All these other girls pancake flat and butt crack ugly
by JustGorgeousX May 19, 2011
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Amazingly beautiful girl. Spazz. Very athletic and a fantastic singer... Hilarious. Has lots of boyfriends and friends who are boys as well.
Guy 1: Did u see that girl? The one who was talking to all those guys and laughing hysterically?

Guy 2: I know she's such a Cierra... *smiles*
by Lic December 21, 2013
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The most awesome chick on the planet! Love chocolate, Disney movies, poofy dresses, academic stuff, and chocolate. Total dork. Spaz. Loves singing. All of her guy friends secretly fall for her. Best friend a girl could have. Always willing to listen and give advice and will never be mean to you. Very sincere. Hilarious. Again, the most amazing chica ever!
Cierra: *sees a chocolate covered pair of pretty princess shoes* GAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! OMG, Bob, did you see?!!?!? Did you SEEEE???? *freaks out*
Bob: *cracks up* Yes, I saw. Now let's get you outta here before you get us locked up for eating them...
Cierra: *folds arms* Psh...You're no fun...
by LaChicaConTinyFeet September 03, 2012
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usually a modest, ebony girl who tends to smile alot. has been fucked over by a boy but then meets the boy she will soon be with for a long time. evryone wants to date her.
Chris: yo name cierra
Cierra: yeah
Chris: yu should txt me
Cierra: ion have your number
Chris: here.....(and the rest is history)
by zagischris June 27, 2011
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Vary nice sweet kind person if you meet her she will make your day bring and if you get her don't let her go she might not be the cutest but she is a blessing but vary pretty and she falls for a person she hasn't know vary long and will always be there mostly for her bestfraind
Cierra:Is a vary lovely ppsoon to be around
by Joseph Torres January 03, 2018
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A crazy girl, who ain't gettin a lot of love, but is totally awesome deep down inside. Tends to be horny as hell when combined with the absence of lovin.
You know, that crazy girl I met last week turned out to be a real Cierra. She's actually pretty bitchin!
by SnapDragonnn October 08, 2008
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