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Will stand her ground but be the sweetest person ever and you will fall in love with her but warning she hard to get
by Imakeworldbetter123 January 30, 2018
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Cierra is extremely misunderstood. She doesn't think she's as pretty as people tell her and is often treated as a child. She is mature but people see through that, they don't want to talk to her because she is short and her voice is squeaky. People hate her for no reason but Cierra likes most people, can't say the same for everybody. Not very popular, she's just trying to make her mark on the world one small step on the time. She wants to prove everybody wrong who has judged her somehow and is slowly working towards it. Her life can be a struggle, isn't as perfect as people think because she always covers it up with a smile. She feels as if she is caged up inside of a box and nobody understands.
There's Cierra again... why is she always smiling but... not?
by imagoatiestgoat May 03, 2018
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Look, I am going to make this as realistic as I can be on here because everybody says everybody is amazing on here. Cierra is the type of girl who cares very much about her friends and family and is willing to become friends with everybody. After you have broken her trust, she will forgive you once or twice but after that, you're done. She likes to be quiet and just listen and not saying anything about her surroundings and not snitching, just listening. She loves to sing, she has a great smile, and usually modest. She doesn't deal with fake people, she could care less about you if you are fake. She is clinging on to her grades and barely making it to the next grade but, at least she passed.
How is your semester going so far, Cierra?
Hahahahahahahahah greatttt.
by imagoatiestgoat May 14, 2018
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A very modest chick, very outgoing, most likely on a journey of self discovery, loves to make people laugh, is hella funny, very into nature, artsitic mind, has a love for people, wants to be remembered when shes long gone, extremely random, indiscriminative, will always make a great conversation no matter the circumstances. If you see her don't be afraid to talk to her because she loves talking to random people =
Victor: Dude I talked to this chick i've never met before on the bus today...she was a Cierra dude!

Ben: Was she hot?

Victor: Hell yes! But she didn't want to admit it

Ben: Well did you get her number?

Victor: No..but i hope I see her again, she was funny.
by Nick 34 January 02, 2010
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Cierra is the most beautiful girl ever. She is loved by everyone. She is a peacemaker among her friends. Every girl that meets her wants to be her best friend, and every boy that meets her falls in love with her. She's normal height and skinny. She is super girly and confident. She's full of joy and believes in everyone. She can crack a good joke every once in a while. She's just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.
"I met this girl named Cierra, and i couldn't help but fall in love."

"Cierra is the only person that has ever smiled at me."
by Bubble01 December 21, 2012
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A strong, intelligent, beautiful, classy lady. She is well balanced and has a level head, she is practical and is often sought after for advice.
Wow she is such a Cierra
by Red writter February 04, 2010
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The most sexiest girl you will meet, big vibrant booty, very goofy, will be smiling one minute and then ready to attack the next. Someone not to be bothered with. Also known as being very sensitve and caring. Always giving and loving. Sometimes can be to nice and get used, but once she realizes she is being used she stops caring. Hates stuck up girls. Tell it how it is. Has a IDGAF attitude and will stomp someone in their head with timberland boots. All around the girl you want to have around you. She will have your back and be by your side. She makes the perfect girlfriend and lover. Awsome in bed (very seductive). Will always have their partner back and be a true ride or die =
Terry: This girl in class tried to call me out on some crazy stuff!

Mike: Word really? My girl Cierra wouldn't have that she would have put her right in her place.

Terry: Damn I wish I messed with a Cierra

Mike: Yeah she one of a kind though

Terry: I see and she about the thickest girl up this school. All these other girls pancake flat and butt crack ugly
by JustGorgeousX May 19, 2011
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