A strong, Italian, person who has impeccable taste. A sexual creature.
Dang, she must be a Vari!
by LVlicious September 19, 2011
A confusing person, a Scorpio to be exact. A very awesome person. Always trust it. But never count on them. They always tell you what they think you can handle. A very bad liar. A mood swinger. Don't call them something baby-ish or else they will hate you with passion.
Oh, that's just Vari.
by Flagpole September 3, 2017
Two words put together to mean one answer for all questions about Radiation.
During class a question was asked about Radiation....Pat-SME answered, that varies and depends.
by Russell Pridgen November 30, 2007
A saying used as a rebuttle for when someone voices their ideas about the type of individual you are, or the quality of your work.
I heard you had balls big enough to come in a dump truck, but ah, you don't look like much to me. Opinions vary.
by captain poopypants November 20, 2004
When you are a hairy guy and you lay on the hood of a car with your legs spread while a girl gives you a rim job! If this is being performed by a male it would be a (Hairy Fairy Vari). If this is being done on a hairy woman it would be called a (European Hairy Vari).
Bob recieved a Hairy Vari on his new Corvette before turning in for the night.
by Funboy October 11, 2005
vari kari means that there is a problem and I can not solve it
vari kari this car broke down

Vari kari cti bj ti fry n pyth
by Llaqi.kd November 23, 2021