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She's very goofy, amazing with kids, and loves her dog. I'd say she has the most beautiful smile, but shes never believes it?Her company is soothing, and non-stressful. Cierra is the girl that'd you want to marry because she really is the one girl who'll snatch your heart and not fold on you.
She most definitely is gonna be the best mom for your kids. They way her eyes light up when she sees a baby, or like the way she takes care of kids and doesn't even have to yell to have the kids listen to her. Cierra is also a very strong girl. She went through alot. She does her best to make others not feel sad, and to cheer them up.
If you ever happen to see or feel like a cierra is sad, you should buy her a coffee and just be there. You don't got to spend much money to show that you care about her or that you love her, and running your hand through her hair is gonna have her feeling safe and loved.
If she is ever busy or feels that she's busy, it'll be okay. Give her time and be patient and dont give it. Because even the most beautiful flowers need time and she is most definitely a beautiful person and has a golden personality.
Sometimes bad days happen, or plans don't follow accordingly, but I promise you that Cierra is the person that's always going to be on your mind by the end of the night every night. Dont lose this girl dawg, she's one of a kind.
I'm going to tell you right now, between the world and you(her/cierra)
I'm going to choose you everytime
Chase: Who's that girl?
Wes: oh that's cierra! Bro you haven't met her???

Chase: Is she really that Cierra?
Wes: Yes bro! She's that Cierra!
by Hagrid vibes 🙌🏼 June 13, 2019

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Swag so raw that it’s filthy. You gotta be the most swagged out person that you receive input from others that swag changed you. Beyond that level of swag you must be eternal with the swagger
“Damn son, these b*tches want some, they be like filthy swag, can I get some”
“Bro pass your juice down to me so I can be filthy with thy swagger”
“Is he really flexing that much? Damn he’s filthy with the swag”
“Yungg son, he has the swag of a filthy one”
by Hagrid vibes 🙌🏼 May 13, 2021

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