A term coined by Bible teacher Richard Pope during a sermon characterizing the condition of the modern-day Christian Church and how different it's teachings are from the original ideas and message of the historical Jesus.
XYZ Church is just another example of Churchianity. Jesus never taught the things the pastor said in this morning's sermon.
by AgapeGuru July 20, 2010
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Modern day institutionalized Christianity. Basically the leader decides what is truth and what is lies based on a bunch of traditions. They have a tough time admitting that their organization is supreme to all others, and absolutely right. They could care less about being real assholes as long as they scare everyone into eating their Dogma like a good person. They pride themselves in the delusion that they are the chosen group, and condemn anyone not in their little club to their so called eternal torture fantasy. They are pretty good at taking scriptures out of context
Some guy in churchianity called me an ear itcher for pointing out that St. Paul spoke all about universal reconciliation.
by Jones1423 April 24, 2010
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The embracing of the church sub-culture and all that goes with it, particularily the doctrinal and social aspects.
"Dude, the only reason she's going out with him is because he's a pastor's kid; this is churchianity at it's best..."
by Phattymatty August 15, 2006
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Churchianity is the devolution of Christianity into a mutual admiration society, a social club, which stresses adapting to the modern world instead of purging the evils out of this world. Instead of being driven by the ideas of exposing and opposing sin and eradicating evil, Churchianity strives make the pew occupants feel good about themselves while society self-destructs. Churchianity has abandoned the Ten Commandments in favor of promoting Self-Help, amplified with Bible verses. The Book of Revelation actually predicted this development, calling it the "Church of Laodecia," the church of lukewarm people.
Churchianity combines elements of Prosperity theology, Ecumenism, Universal Salvation, Modernism, "Higher Criticism," Syncretism, etc.
by Pastor Eli James April 27, 2008
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Looking down on a person for not having as much of an OUTWARD showing of their faith as you do... basically, using religon as a reason to judge another person. Judging people while in church rather than paying attention to the sermon. Having the attitude that attendance to church is more important than being a decent person. Having a "holier than thou" outlook towards people who don't attend church as much as you do. Exhibiting hypocritical behavior in regards to being religious.
I'm spiritual, not religious. I don't subscribe to churchianity.

by Jeff McConnell June 5, 2006
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