To use a vape/E-cigarette. (Most commonly used in British Columbia, Canada)
by FishGang_A June 10, 2019
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Yorkshire slang for a woman’s vagina. Most commonly used in the Doncaster area.
Ooooh, fuckin ell mate. I wer laying in bed last night and me finger slipped right up me chuff
by F.E.C. December 8, 2018
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Polite euphemism used to replace a popular expletive, the exact meaning varies depending on context. Handy for use in workplaces where the management are uptight squares who stifle free speech.
That chuffing customer is a clueless chuffer who doesn't know what the chuff he's on about.
by Raki March 16, 2004
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To blaze, most commonly the chronic, but can also refer to the bomb tobacco.
I had just been involved in a rather large chuff session(the heady nuggets of course) on the booby bus when I grabbed a keystone to relieve my cottonmouth.
by BigChuckMN April 29, 2011
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1. A word that can be used to replace any other previously existing word in order to make it more bad ass. It is not a noun, verb, adjective or adverb because it is its own category.

2. Chuff is exactly what it is.
a. Tell that mother chuffer to shut the chuff up if he ever hopes to chuff any chuffs chuffmorrow.

b. Chuff up when I'm chuffin' to you.
by LazorFace February 22, 2010
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To greedily inhale cannabis sativa. To pull big hits of weed. To totally consume challenge hits, and/or completely finish a stacked bowl.
That Adam - he chuffed the entire bowl before we had a chance to hit it!
by Bolton Outlaw January 16, 2008
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Used to define a volume or size of spum load emitted from a guys penis.
While watching the morning weather forecast, one could exclaim to their Blatz induced friends, "I'd definately throw a chuff of spum on that sassy Stephanie Abrams"
by Liquiddinner December 10, 2010
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